Skeeter R-Pro

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The Skeeter R-Pro, introduced in July 2008, is an excellent all-around mid-range golf disc, with a neutral flight path in a great soft plastic. We liken this small-diameter disc to a panther (or a Goblin with more glide), although slightly more "domey". When thrown with a mid-tempo, the Skeeter is a straight flyer with a slight, predictable fade. Thrown harder (or more importantly, with more spin), this disc will turn gradually. This disc has great glide and is an excellent choice for new players who are looking for a disc that can do it all. The R-Pro Skeeter is made from Innova's popular "Rubber" Pro plastic which provides a consistently soft and sticky feel, making this disc a great choice for long putts or other approach shots where you need the disc to sit down. Suck the blood out of your competition with The Skeeter! Available in weights from 150 to 175 grams. Features: Speed 4 Glide 5 High Speed Turn 0 Low Speed Turn +1 Great for Beginners Excellent Glide! Soft and Sticky R-Pro Plastic