About Us

Disc Nation is one of the largest and most recognized retailers of Disc Golf, Frisbee and Disc Sports products in the world. Our company was founded on the belief that customers should be able to find discs and products that suit their playing style quickly and easily from the world’s most complete selection of discs and accessories.

In 2006, after years of successful on-line retailing, we opened our first Disc Golf Superstore in beautiful Austin, Texas.

We know that we run the tightest ship in the disc-ing business. Here are some of the reasons you should have confidence shopping with us, and things that set us apart from the other disc sport companies.

“On a huge order, theirs was the first thing I got. One of my quickest online purchases ever.” —John (Cleveland, OH)


Real-time Inventory


One of the primary reasons for our success has been our ability to get our customers the products they order quickly. To achieve this, we have invested a great deal of time, effort, and money in creating the first disc golf eStore that is directly tied to the products we have in stock and ready to ship. In fact, every product that arrives at our facility receives a bar-code and is received into our real-time inventory system. Discs, for example, are categorized by color and weight and entered into our inventory based on these attributes. Other items, bags for example, are categorized by their specific product attributes (i.e. color). Every time an item is sold, it is scanned out of inventory. Several times a day, we upload a fresh inventory file to the Disc Nation web site that contains only items that are in-stock and ready to ship. So, shop with confidence. The items you see on our site are ready and waiting for you!

Next Business Day Shipping Guarantee On All Paid Orders

Our goal is to ship every single order within 1 business day, and we back this up with a guarantee. We work very hard to make this happen every day. If you place an order with us, we will ship it out within 1 business day, or we’ll refund your shipping charge. Visit our order and shipping policy page for details.


“You guys are the best in the business! I can’t say enough about your service... it’s the tops. And thank you again for the extra gift... I will never buy off anyone else. Thank You.”
—Jeremy (Waterbury, VT)


Product Selection

Disc Nation’s founder started playing Frisbee Golf 20 years ago, when selecting equipment was easy. Back then any ultimate disc would do! Since then, the sport has grown and changed and the number of products has exploded. Today, Disc Nation carries over 400 different disc models. Our goal is quite simple – to have every disc in every plastic in every weight in stock every day. Working towards this goal keeps us very busy. As near as we can tell, no one else even comes close to offering a selection this broad day-in and day-out.

Customer Service

The way we see it, customer service is not only the lifeblood of our company, but the area that separates us the most from our competitors. We know that if we provide you with everything listed above, but do not back it up with solid customer service, that we will not be successful. To that end, we work very hard 7 days a week to execute on our vision and create the best all-around shopping experience for our customers. We believe that we do an excellent job based on all the great feedback we receive. Click here to read unsolicited customer testimonials.

Charitable Activities

We are firm believers in the philosophy of “Think Globally, Act Locally”. Disc Nation is proud to be a supporter of disc golf, and disc sports in general, primarily in our home of Austin, Texas. Below is a partial list of the activities and organizations to which we have recently donated time and/or money.

Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Kyle Texas Children’s Disc Golf Camp
  • Educational Disc Golf Experience (E.D.G.E.)
  • Disc Golf United
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • CARY (Council on At-Risk Youth)
  • Waterloo Disc Golf Club
  • Mary Moore Searight Disc Golf Club
  • Borderland Disc Golf Club
  • Borderland Disc Golf Course
  • Steeplechase Disc Golf Course
  • United Disc Golf
  • Republic of Texas Disc Golf Club

    Tournaments, Leagues, and Minis

  • 2008 Heart of Texas Tour Title Sponsor
  • 2008 Flying Solo Memorial Open
  • Waterloo Annual Tournament
  • COTO (the Capital of Texas Open)
  • Blue Skies Over Texas
  • Borderland Spring Fling
  • Borderland Minuteman Doubles
  • Discs Over Amesbury
  • World’s Biggest Disc Golf Weekend
  • Weekly Kyle Mini
  • Weekly Mary Moore Searight Mini

    Other Support and Donations:

  • Disc Golf Supplies for Our Troops Worldwide
  • Donation of over 250 Discs for Various Charities in 2006
  • Free Scorecards for Austin-area Disc Golf Courses
  • Local Area Course Maps