Hydra R-Pro

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The Hydra, now available in Innova's sticky and grippy R-Pro plastic blend, is a multi-purpose (mid-range) disc that is designed to float in water. The hydra is straight-flying approach disc with a moderate dome, with a shape that is actually very similar to the Aero Putter, but smaller in diameter. The result is a super-straight disc with good glide that is friendly to beginners (and those who have difficult approach shots over water!). The Hydra R-Pro is made from the same rubbery/grippy plastic as the other discs in the R-Pro Line. As a result, players may find themselves using this disc on dry holes with difficult landings because it sits down better than just about any disc we've thrown, especially on grassy surfaces. Features: Dx Plastic Floats in Water Great Beginner Mid-Range