Wraith STAR - Bottom Stamp

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The Wraith is an all-time classic, and one of the best distance drivers on the market. This super-long driver is a stable flyer that performs predictably well in the wind with speed, glide and accuracy. According to Innova, "This disc performs remarkably well when thrown at less than full speed as well as at full speed". Bottom-stamped discs have no stamp whatsoever on the dome - very cool! Innova stamps the bottom of the disc with a unique stamp, giving you a clean looking disc on top. Great for those you love to do home tie-dyes! The STAR plastic Wraith is made from Innova's super-durable and easy-to-grip STAR plastic. Features: Innova STAR Plastic Speed: 11 Glide: 5 High Speed Turn: -1 Low Speed Turn: +3 Bottom-Stamped for Style Points!