Votum Aura - James Proctor Signature

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The Votum was designed to be the overstable counterpart to Thought Space's popular Mantra fairway driver. The Votum is a reliable choice for straight shots that end with predictable fade. You can use it for tight, technical hyzers and huge spike hyzers. The Votum is also a great forehand disc and can be used for overhand shots.  

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Behind the design: When working with James on his Signature series stamp, he wanted a design that represented "Zen" but with a bit of TSA flair mixed in. James has had a fantastic start to his year, and his Zen-like attitude contrasts his beast-like presence on the course. We felt the panda, seen as a symbol of serenity and peace, turned up a notch and reflected this. Also, the panda's colors of black and white represent a duality in nature, much like the yin yang or, in this use, James' game.