Valkyrie STARlite

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 The Valkyrie STARlite is one of Innova's most beginner-friendly long-range disc golf drivers. This disc is very accurate and is used by players for everything from dead-straight to turn-over and "S" curve shots. Lightweight Valkyries are great for maximum distance downwind. This disc can also be used as a roller. This is one of the best selling and most popular drivers of all time. 

STARlite uses a similar approach as Blizzard plastic, adding tiny bubbles within the disc to lighten it and make it more friendly to lower-powered players. The Valkyrie is only the second disc Innova has released in STARlite, so get one while you can!


  • Speed 9
  • Glide 4
  • High Speed Turn -2
  • Low Speed Turn +2
  • Innova STARlite Plastic