Tern Pro

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The Tern is a high-speed control driver for anyone. Its balance of -4 Turn and +2 Fade allow for a variety of medium to strong throws with a predictable S-curve movement. Advanced throwers will find that a good snap will make the Tern work with a wide range of release angles and two-stage flights. Newer throwers will find the Tern very forgiving, with the "flex shot" yielding predictable long placement shots. The Tern is shaping up to be another classic distance driver design from Innova! The Tern Pro is made from Innova's sure-gripping Proline plastic. This disc is different from the STAR plastic version in that it has slightly more dome and will age more quickly. The advantage of this disc aging faster is that it will allow for very long "S" flights once broken in. Features: Innova Pro Plastic Speed: 12 Glide: 6 High Speed Turn: -4 Low Speed Fade: +2