Tactic - Extra Soft EXO Vapor

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The Tactic is a truly overstable throwing putter. You can throw it with confidence and putt reliably into strong winds. The exceptionally low glide improves the control even further. It’s great for all types of shot selection, and the variety of plastics available allow you to experiment with which one suits you best. It's perfect for utility shots like steep hyzers, tricky sidearms and even putting, especially when you don't want your disc to sail too far from the basket in case you miss the chains.

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About Extra SOFT EXO: This plastic provides the Tactic with the best grip and a sweet gummy composition that allows the disc to stop on a dime once it hits the ground. On top of that, these beauties are offered in juicy color combinations that make them pop up on the course.The gummy plastic also produces a concave profile for the Tactic, resulting in minimal glide, zero high-speed turn and notable overstability. The torque-resistance on these discs is what will make you fall in love them. Out of the box, you can rip on these as hard as you can and you can always expect them to fly predictably. Especially useful for sidearm shots released with a slight anhyzer - you can expect this disc to fly straight before fade brings it controllably to the ground.Discs are listed by their main color - If you're looking for something specific, please elaborate in the order comments and we'll do our best to facilitate your wishes within the constraints of our supply.Due to its soft & gummy composition, these discs can wear down fairly quickly, so we recommend grabbing more than one so you'll always have a spare disc to cycle in.