Striker Gold Line - Burst

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The Striker, in awesome-looking opaque pearlescent and durable Gold Line plastic, is a stable high-accuracy driver disc golf driver from the Swedish company Latitude 64. This great disc was co-designed by professional Jesper Lundmark to provide unsurpassed reliability and controllability. The Striker, which is equally adept at nailing tight tunnel shots, hyzers and anhyzers, will find a spot in many players' bags as a "go to" disc. For beginning players, or those with less arm speed, this disc is a straight-flyer. Players with more arm speed will be able to turn this disc over resulting in a nice "S" flight pattern. The Gold Line plastic is very durable, has great grip, and is strikingly beautiful. In fact, the look of this plastic is almost like a fine automotive paint job, where it seems like you are looking through a clear laquer to high-quality finish below. Gold Line Burst is a very unique looking plastic that has a mixture of 2 or more colors bursting from the center outward. All colors offered are the primary base color only and each one is entirely unique! Features: Stability Rating: +.5 Awesome Gold Line Burst Plastic

 Speed: 8 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2