Speed Demon DT S-Series - Factory 2nd

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The Speed Demon DT is a very fast, very over-stable distance driver from Gateway. This disc is a great choice for giant spike hyzers, massive power backhands, hard flicks, and tough dog legs. This disc can handle any head wind and will stand up to any abuse. The "DT" stands for Dimple Technology which reduces drag and increases speed on this disc as compared with the traditional Speed Demon. Not a disc for the beginner, but a great choice for players who need an over-stable disc to rely upon! Try an ultra-light for mega-distance! Please note: This disc was originally released as the G1w Speed Demon and has since been renamed simply "Speed Demon". Please Note: This item is a factory second. A factory second is deemed to have imperfections that do not impact the flight of the disc, including surface belmishes, small bubbles, scores, grooves, and/or small dents in any part of the disc, as well as bad stamps, discoloration and other imperfections that make it not saleable as a first quality disc. All sales are final on items listed as Factory Seconds. Factory Seconds may have a company or custom hot stamp, may have multiple stamps or may have no stamp at all. The hot stamp on the disc you receive will likely vary greatly from that shown. Features: Wind 21.4 cm in Diameter Gateway's Top-of-the-Line 'E' Plastic Extreme Durability! Stability Rating: +3.0 Factory Second