SLAIDi Premi (Devan Owens Signature)

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The SLAIDi is a straight distance driver akin to the Innova Wraith. This makes it a great driver for players of all skill levels. Let it rip flat, and it will smash down the fairway with a straight finish. For power players it will be a great disc for controlled S-curves, and for slower arms it will be your go-to distance driver into a headwind. This Premi SLAIDi features the Devan Owens signature stamp. Devan is an American disc golf professional and member of the Prodiscus disc golf team. Grab one of these juicy signature discs today and support a touring disc golf pro! Prodiscus is the first disc manufacturer from Finland. The Premi plastic is a durable and grippy candy blend with some added flexibility. The Premi SLAIDi will be more overstable than the Basic SLAIDi with a bit less glide. Prodiscus uses ink printing for logos rather than hotstamping on their discs. Due to the nature of this process, the logos may smear or scratch during shipping and with use. Please Note we will not accept damaged ink logos as cause for return. We sell first-quality discs unless noted as a Factory Second, and all first-quality stock Prodiscus assumes this risk of logo damage. Features: Prodiscus Premi plastic Features the Devan Owens signature stamp