Shockwave Pro

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The DGA Pro Shockwave, released in September 2007, is an over-stable distance disc golf mid-range disc. This high-accuracy disc is designed to hold a line without turning over, making it an excellent choice for players who throw long hard approach shots, or for tight tunnel shots where accuracy is a must. The Shockwave is overstable enough to not flip over in the wind and great for hyzer approach shots, and has become a favorite for big arm players that have trouble finding discs that won’t flip over and become understable. This disc is made in DGA's extremely durable Pro plastic (similar to Innova's STAR or Discraft's ESP plastic) for years of great flights. Features: DGA Pro Plastic Spped: 4 Glide: 2 High Speed Turn: 0 Fade: 3 Stability Rating: +1.5