RocX3 Champion Glow

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The Roc is a timeless classic from the Innova line of discs, and the RocX3 is no exception! With the same familiar feel of the Roc3, but the over-stability to fight those high winds, the RocX3 may be the newest Roc out there, but any player will find a spot in the bag for this reliable mid.

This disc is produced in limited quantities as a fund-raiser through Innova's CFR program and are only available to tournaments.  Since we help support hundreds of events each year, occasionally we receive some fund-raising discs from various events.  You will receive a disc from one of these events, but we cannot guarantee which stamp. This disc, with its awesome glow-in-the-dark plastic, is only available as a fund-raising disc through Innova's CFR program. Champion Glow plastic is the most durable type offered by Innova.