Rival Pinnacle Edition

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The Rival is a precision fairway driver designed to provide a straight flight with reliable fade in calm conditions, and a headwind-fighting straight flight when needed. Power throwers will find the Rival well-suited in the stable fairway slot, and newer or average throwers will find the Rival to be a useful go-to disc for gentle fades. Please Note: The image for this disc is currently out of date. The "wings stamp" is no longer available and the picture will be updated shortly to reflect that. The product you will receive will be the current stock offering Pinnacle Rival from Legacy Discs. Founded by touring pros Steve and Bamba Rico, this first Fairway Driver release from Legacy guarantees a high level of design and super sweet plastic. The Pinnacle plastic is a durable tacky blend that brings to mind a slew of premium plastics by other companies, but is distinctly all its own plastic. Features: Produced by Pros Steve and Bamba Rico