Pre-Order Products & Guidelines

To see all available Pre-Order items, click here.

Orders which include a Pre-Order item will be held for shipping until the Expected/Release Date.

Place a separate order for any non-Pre Order items you wish to be shipped immediately, without any delay or hold.

If ordering multiple Pre Order models with different Release Dates, order separately to ship each model on its Release Date.

In the event of delays from the manufacturer, items ship on day of arrival or next business day.

For Exact Weight & Color purchasing, shop Live Inventory on the Release Date. Some items may sell out before Live Release. We will restock these items after the initial offering, unless it is a Limited Edition which we cannot restock.

For many Limited Edition, collectible, or custom items the purchase price may go UP once Live Inventory is available. For items with any scarcity, you will likely save money by purchasing at the Pre-Order price.

Quantities for Pre-Order are subject to change at any time without notice. We may adjust Pre-Order Available Quantities to accommodate the initial pre-order rush, and later adjust quantities according to our projected supply.

We're plastic geeks too! We understand the anticipation of a new release as well as the desire to get your perfect ideal color and weight. Pre-Ordering is for the early adopters, the players who just need to have it first. We want to stress that the best way to get the EXACT disc you seek is to wait until it's released and we list our Live Inventory. Disc Nation takes pride in getting the customer what they want, and we'd like to acknowledge that Pre-Ordering is about wanting it NOW. Players who want EXACT Color and Weight are better served with our Industry-Leading Live Inventory - we were the first to have Live Inventory, and ours is still the biggest and the best!

Please check back as we continue to update information on Pre-Order items.

Disc Nation Web Team