P1 Flex 3 Glow - Niklas Anttila Open at Austin Champion

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Niklas Anttila made a clutch putt in almost total darkness to seal the win on the 18th hole at the Open at Austin. It is fitting that Discmania chose to celebrate his first DGPT Tour win with a special edition Glow Flex 3 P1! The P1 is an extremely straight-flying putter with incredible glide. Due to its straight flight and predictability, the P1 is a great choice for players of all abilities.

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About Flex 3:  "The Flex 3 plastic is our modern equivalent of the (Stiff) P-line plastic of the past. Extra stiff plastic on putters has been the most popular option for years among the top pro players of the sport, thanks to its ability to maintain consistent grip even in high temperatures. This allows you to create a smooth release on your putts every time."