Orion SOS Sirius - Bar Stamp

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Unreleased prototype driver from Millennium! The Orion SOS is a cult favorite among the few who've ever thrown one. In 2006 a large batch of the "SOS" was run as a test for the Sirius Orion LS, but in the end the original Orion LS mold was used, leaving these SOS non-PDGA Approved and doomed to obscurity. As these protos slowly found their way onto the course, they soon built a following of people who love the other two Orion models. These fly straight and controllably in a range of wind conditions, and have been called the best of both worlds, even a superior disc to both the LF and LS. This 2006-edition Sirius prototype is stamped with Millennium's famous bar stamp, used at the time to designate prototype and tester discs. Quantities are very limited, so get yours now! Please Note: Since PDGA Approval was never sought for this model, the SOS is not legal for PDGA play. Features: Not PDGA Approved Prototype Bar Stamp Millennium Sirius Plastic from 2006