Nuke Titanium

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 The infamous Nuke in Titanium plastic! The Nuke is Discraft's premier distance driver, combining crazy glide with high speed for a long controllable flight. Players have spoken and the Nuke is Discraft's crowning achievement in distance.


Titanium is a marvel of plastic aesthetics, with a blend of opaque pearlescent gloss that is just stunning. Coupled with a remarkably stiff feel in the hand, and a tad more durability than Z plastic, Titanium is a force on the plastic scene! Titanium features a unique logo application - rather than a stamp, the logo is raised from the plastic, allowing extra gripping texture!

Please Note: Due to Titanium's unique material, some discs will "color shift", meaning that the angle at which they're held changes the perceived color of the plastic. Since these "colorshifts" range in color, we have simply listed them as "Multi-Color".