Meta Tactic - Razor Claw 3- Eagle McMahon Signature Series

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The Razor Claw is back and beefier than ever! This version of the Tactic is even more overstable than previous versions of Eagle McMahon's popular Razor Claw. This iteration is made of Discmania's Meta plastic and each disc has a very flat top, making this batch extra overstable. You can throw it with confidence in strong winds and it’s great for a variety of approach shots. Forehand approaches? Check. Forehand putts? Yep. Slicing hyzers? You got it!  Players will be pleased with its exceptional combination of low glide and predictable fade. Here's what Eagle had to say about his newest creation: 

 “ The Razor Claw 3 is my favorite version of the Razor Claw. It offers the most overstable flight to date in the Tactic lineup making it great for force-over flex shots, windy days, and all-around consistent approach shots. The mold is offered in Meta plastic for the first time which gives the disc great durability with an amazing feel in hand” 

4 I 2 I 0 I 3