Mantra Ethos - Geisha 2.0

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The Mantra is Thought Space's smooth control fairway driver. It is a tad faster than traditional fairway drivers (speed 9), which gives you a nice boost of distance off the tee. The Mantra is a classic shot-shaping fairway driver that can be used for hyzers, anhyzers and straight tunnel shots. More advanced players can use it for hyzer flips and long rollers.

9 | 5 | -2 | 2

About the stamp:  "Geisha 2.0" is a continuation of our original first run design on the same plastic. This concept for 2.0 celebrates beauty through struggle. Kintsukuroi is a practice in Japanese culture where breaks are repaired with lacquer mixed with gold or precious metals. We applied these same principals to our design to celebrate knowing your full potential through hardship and celebrating everyone's own unique beauty  even though one might feel broken."