Mantra Aura - Awakening

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The Mantra is Thought Space's smooth control fairway driver. It is a tad faster than traditional fairway drivers (speed 9), which gives you a nice boost of distance off the tee. The Mantra is a classic shot-shaping fairway driver that can be used for hyzers, anhyzers and straight tunnel shots. More advanced players can use it for hyzer flips and long rollers.

9 | 5 | -2 | 2

About the stamp: "Awakening" was our second collaboration with guest artist John Dorn, this time we had the pleasure of including the talent of one of his students Samantha Hang. The concepts for "Awakening" was unlocking the true potential as a person through clarity of mind and focus. This is symbolized by the release of aura through the crown chakra or 3rd eye." - Thought Space Athletics.