Interceptor ecoFLOP

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The Inerceptor, Elevation's first disc, is an overstable approach disc that you can rely on to stick close to the basket. You can use the Interceptor for touchy forehand layups or hyzers that cut towards the target. It has a low-profile shape and groove on its flight plate that makes it easy to grip for both forehand and backhand approach shots. Elevation's super gummy ecoFLOP material will stick to any surface you throw it on, making it a great choice for courses with steep elevation. 

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About ecoFLOP from Elevation: " Our ecoFLOP rubber is made of vulcanized natural rubber, with up to 30% recycled material made of postconsumer tire rubber. In other words, every 10,000 discs we produce we get to take 130 used tires out of the world's landfills. Again, this is not your average recycled disc, our eco-materials maintain incredible durability thanks to the uniquely strong characteristics of rubber. It is also super grippy (think the tires of your car) and has a floppiness somewhere between ecoFLEX and OG, so your disc will flop onto the ground and grip to where it lands."