Inertia Plasma

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The Inertia is the grand debut of 20mm-wing distance driver class by MVP Disc Sports. This class of controllable distance drivers will all have a wide weight range from 155g to 175g. This allows for an unmatched GYRO Push to give throwers increased control in their distance drives. The Inertia has an understable profile will allow high power throwers to achieve consistent hyzerflips that will carry far and accurately. Its Neutral flight for low power throwers will allow for reliably straight distance lines with accuracy. Plasma has a stunning metllic sheen, even hints of color-shifting in certain colors and light. The grip is a semi-gummy blend in between the Soft and standard Neutron firmness. Features: Straight Control Driver Durable Grippy Plasma Plastic Unique 2-piece construction Stability Rating: 0.5