Giant VIP

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The Giant is a mega-long overstable driver that focuses on a strong finish. For most players the Giant will be a massively overstable skip-landing disc. For big arms this will be a flat stable driver for moderate to heavy headwinds. With a wing right at the PDGA maximum-legal width, this Giant is a close competitor to the Boss and Nuke families. The nearly 0 Turn gives it that trusty wind resistance, while a +3 Fade brings you to your target area predictably. Place the Giant on a hard snap and just wait for it to carry that line long and far, before a nice stable finish. VIP plastic is similar to Latitude's Opto line, or Discraft Z. Sweet colors, glassy & grippy -- best of all, ultra-durable. Features: Speed:13 Glide: 5 Turn:-1 Fade: 3 Imported from Finland