FD S-Line - Show Stopper Ella Hansen Signature "Swirly"

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Famous for its extremely straight flight path combined with high glide and controllability, the FD has a place in everyone’s bag. New players will fall in love with the FD’s straight-to-stable flight path and dependability off the tee. For players with some experience, the FD offers point-and-shoot accuracy that connects you with your target at ease. If you are having trouble hitting the fairway with max-speed drivers, take a step back, let the glide take you there, and the straight flight will place you in the middle of the fairway.   


*NOTE - Even though Discmania has called them "Swirly," most of them are solid colorations. We're sorry, but we have to hold to the manufacturer's titles.

About Discmania's S-Line:  Offering the best user experience possible took the lead in every decision made with our new S-Line. Therefore, we call our new S-Line the “5 Star Blend”. Everything in this plastic is thought out for you and your performance on the course. Gorgeous looks, squeaky good grip, industry leading molding, and meticulous finishing processes provide you unmatched feel and performance.