FD C-Line

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The Discmania Fairway Driver (FD) is serious business in C-Line plastic. Trust this one to retain its juicy flight characteristics even longer than the S-Line. With the controllable speed of a Teebird and the stability of a beefy Leopard, the FD combines super glide with a touch of understability. You'll find the FD easy to shape on various lines by adjusting your throwing power and release angle. Throw it softly for a nice fade, smoothly for a long straight line, and lay into it for a nice controlled turnover. The FD is a great long driver for newer players, and will find a spot as the go-to pinpoint driver for experienced and advanced players. Catch a tailwind on the course and watch this thing capitalize! The C-Line plastic is similar to Innova Champion plastic, providing maximum durability for a lifetime of reliable flight. Features: Speed 7 Glide 6 High Speed Turn -1 Low Speed Turn +1 Stability Rating: 0 C-Line Plastic