DGA Gel Strapz Disc Golf Strap

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The DGA Gel Strap is a new and innovative add-on backpack strap from Disc Golf Association, the company that invented disc golf. This great strap, as you may have guessed, uses a soft and cushy gel to enhance the comfort of their backpack strap - a great innovation for folks with heavy bags (or bad backs). Gel Strapz are high-quality backpack-style straps that will attach to any bag that has a detachable strap. The Gel Strap comes with four (4) high-quality metal clips for years of durability and is adjustable to fit a variety of different player sizes and shapes. This well-designed strap includes a center strap and clip that can be used to fasten the strap across the chest for long walks or hikes between holes. This strap is the height of style, featuring cool rubber DGA Basket Logos on the front and back. Finally, the Gel Strapz features a stretchy shock absorber to further reduce stress and fatigue while playing. All-in-all we could not be more impressed with this great piece of disc golf gear and think this strap is a "must" for any serious player. Available only in two-tone silver with black. Features: High Quality Metal Quick-Connect Clips 4 Adjustable Straps Thick Gelfoam Padding for Unsurpassed Comfort Back-friendly Shock Absorbers