Destroyer Star - Yeti Space Force

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In these times of uncertainty, we can count on The Yeti Space Force to keep proliferating disc golf and defending our freedoms both intergalactic and planetary. Won't you join The Force and support our favorite touring Yeti? Get You Some! 

The STAR Destroyer is a super fast overstable power disc golf driver for hard-throwing players looking for maximum distance. Making it a great choice for players with exceptional arm speed, strong forehands, or for throws into strong headwinds. 


The STAR plastic Destroyer is made from Innova's super-durable and easy-to-grip STAR plastic. 

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    Great in the hands and better in flight

    Posted by Troy H. on May 24th 2020

    I have thrown Destroyers since they first came out. I have thrown many molds; first run, Avery Jenkins, Paul McBeth, and many versions of the plastic.
    This one fits me personally between the original First Run mold and the Avery Jenkins (domey) mold.
    I only prefer to throw Star plastic for its durability and consistency.
    I purchased 4 of these and they all have the same solid predictable flights after over 10 throws each in an open field when warming up as a right hand backhanded thrower (RHBH).
    As a RHBH thrower I have easily placed my shots through medium-tight tunneled fairways (with a little anhyzer flex) and always finished strong with the trademark hook or skip at the end.
    As a side arm thrower it is just as consistent for me. Of course I do not get that much range from it because it is not my power throw, but it is predictable.
    Overall, headwinds keep it afloat, tail winds can push it downward on long shots (like most overstable style discs) but it flies right where you needed it to.
    The Yeti stamp makes it just as awesome on the course. I have had people really like the stamp on the local courses and you can always distinguish my lie.
    I easily recommend this line of Destroyers.

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    Destroyer review

    Posted by Cliff on May 13th 2020

    Perfect driver for me. I can throw it straight with a predictable fade or anhyzer and get a nice flex if I need it.