Clutch Excel Edition - Skulboy Designs

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The Clutch Putter from Legacy is a pure balance of design. Grippy and smooth-wearing Excel plastic paired with a classic putter rim design make the Clutch a putter you can count on! The Clutch wing features a large rounded upper nose, and a scooped bevel on the underside of the wing. The rim is very comfortable to grip and the depth of the grip is typical for putters. Designed by world-renowned putting pros Steve and Bamba Rico, the Clutch might be your new go-to putter! Excel plastic is made for a smooth break-in period for those who throw for value and seasoned plastic. This Excel Clutch features artwork by Skulboy Designs, one of the most popular disc golf stamp artists. Features: Featuring artwork by Skulboy Designs Produced by Pros Steve and Bamba Rico