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The Boss is the first golf disc to earn a speed rating of 13 from Innova, making it the fastest disc on the market as of October 2008. This disc is not only the fastest, but is also the most wind and torque resistant driver made by Innova. The STAR Boss is made from Innova's super-grippy and durable STAR plastic. The Boss is similar in stability to the Destroyer, only faster making it an excellent choice for players with strong backhands, players who require extra stability for forehand shots, or players looking for a predictable driver for hyzers or overhand shots (like tomahawks). The Boss in the STAR plastic is noteworthy in that it is available in lighter weights than Champion plastic Boss discs - a great relief for the legions of players who have been begging for a lighter weight Boss. 

Features: Speed: 13 Glide: 5 High Speed Turn: -1 Low Speed Turn: +3