Aviar Yeti Pro - Gold on Gold Stamped Bust Out (Yeti Disc)

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From Yeti's Cavern Tavern comes a small collector batch of artist, Skoy Meyer's Yeti busting out of the stock Yeti Pro Aviar. Innova has called this intricate two color, double stamped Yeti Bust Out art one of the most difficult custom hot stamping projects they have ever done. This special run of limited black Yeti Aviars were done to commemorate Jay Yeti Reading's induction into the disc golf Hall of Fame in 2018. There were only 50 of each color stamp combo and they sold out very quickly. Yeti dug into the Cavern Tavern for these super special Gold on Gold that are each hand numbered by Yeti ONE OUT OF TEN made. That's right, there are only ten of these bad boys and you have a chance to grab one today while supporting Des & Jay Reading with all of their disc golf efforts.