Aviar DX - Dealer Holiday Disc

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The Aviar is the number one putter in disc golf, and has won more World Championships than all the other putters combined! This noble heritage makes the Aviar special, but this Aviar is VERY special. This Aviar was sent to Innova Dealers in 1997 as a means of thanks. This disc was never made available to the public, but we've been able to secure a very small supply of these historic discs in new and unthrown condition. If you're a collector, an Innova enthusiast, or just looking for a very unique piece of disc golf memorabilia to celebrate the holidays, then you're in luck. This disc is a rare find! Features: Speed 3 Glide 3 High Speed Turn 0 Low Speed Turn +1 1997 Limited Edition Dealer Holiday Disc - Very rare!