Omega ET Big Bead

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 The Omega ET(Approach) Big Bead is a new take on the player favorite Omega putter, and we completely dig it. Millennium gave the players what they have always wanted, a more stable Omega putter. Basically, a "big bead" was added to the rim of the classic Omega rim so it fits perfectly in the hand to help you control the release point of the disc. The big bead also allows the Omega to handle big power throws better, while the reliable Omega shape allows you to still get straight shots with tons of glide.


The Omega ET plastic is made from the same mold as the legendary Omega SS (Supersoft) but utilizes a stiffer plastic with a bouncey feel. Made to improve your approach game, it's a straight flyer with a great feel and great durability. It's also a tremendous putter for players who prefer a putter that's firmer but still sticky.