Destroyer Champion

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The Destroyer (released in August 2007) is a super fast overstable power disc golf driver for hard-throwing players looking for maximum distance. The Champion Destroyer combines Innova's incredibly popular Destroyer mold with their legendary Champion plastic. In August 2009, Innova moved this incredibly popular disc from its fund-raising program making it a general release. The Destroyer is so fast, that it is Innova's first-ever disc with a speed rating of 12. The Destroyer is described by Innova as being a faster TeeRex, making it a great choice for players with exceptional arm speed, strong forehands, or into a strong headwind. 

Features: Innova Champion Plastic 

Speed: 12 Glide: 5 High-Speed Turn: -1 Low-Speed Turn: +4 

Available only in weights from 173-175g