Stiletto Gold Line - Burst

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 Don't let the name fool you, this disc is not to be thrown while wearing heels. Latitude 64 took a stab at creating the most overstable disc they could dream of and they did not disappoint. The Stiletto is the disc everyone has been waiting for from Latitude 64, the perfect blend of speed and overstability for big hyzers. This speed 13 disc is designed for players who need a disc they can trust to fade out on windy days.


The Gold Line plastic is very durable, has great grip, and is strikingly beautiful. In fact, the look of this plastic is almost like a fine automotive paint job, where it seems like you are looking through a clear lacquer to high-quality finish below.

  • Gold Line Burst is a very unique looking plastic that has a mixture of 2 or more colors bursting from the center outward.
  • All colors offered are the primary base color only and each one is entirely unique!