Octane Eclipse Glow Proton

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The Octane is a straight to understable distance driver from MVP. It has the same general stability as the Switch, Amp, and Inertia but has a much wider rim and therefore is much faster. This is also one of the first MVP discs to have an extremely high dome which adds a lot of glide to the already glidey GYRO. Glow - the next frontier tackled by the scientists at MVP! Inside the white outer rim is a dense concentration of glow material. Using the signature outer-rim plastic to hold ALL the glow material makes the Eclipse line Amp one of the brightest glowing discs out there. No more dull camouflage orbs… the Eclipse Amp glows brightly and with a distinctive ring shape that stands out in the dark. 

Features: Understable Fairway Driver Durable Grippy Neutron Plastic Unique 2-piece construction Stability Rating: -0.5 Second driver design from MVP Disc Sports