Anode Proton (Soft)

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The Anode is the second putter from MVP, designed to be a neutral-stable compliment to the overstable Ion putter. The Soft Proton Anode is a flexy and extra grippy blend, perfect for touch putting. Like all MVP discs, the Anode uses a two-piece construction combining a Champion- or Z-like inner plate and a grippy outer rim. The disc is made from a very durable polyurethane ensuring a good, long life. A unique advantage of MVP's patented GYRO technology is that the putter has more weight at its outer edge, leading it to retain spin and glide farther on its line. As the followup to the smash hit Ion, the Anode is generating a huge buzz among players wanting a neutral-stable putt, approach, and driving putter. Features: Putt & Approach Disc Grippy Soft Proton Plastic Unique 2-piece construction Stability Rating: -1